The Mitre Bar (Beefeater)
High Street, Oxford

This chain hotel restaurant/bar has the general feel of a chain hotel 
restaurant/bar, with carpets up to your armpits and up the front of the 
bar.  The Turl Bar is an offshoot of this, and each has notices pointing 
to the other in the same font.

The beer is drinkable enough, and comes in very tall glasses.  
Irritatingly there's continuous non-interactive muzak which distracted me 
frmo the copies of the Independent and Oxford Mail which are available to 
read.  I could see more than half an hour of it getting really very 
annoying.  The most fun I had in there was playing with the wee wooden 
windows in the partitions between the benches at the window, which swivel 
round.  It's like something out of Lego.