The Mill House, The Bridge, Abingdon
Mill House Inns
Worthington Best 1.80
Worthington Cleanflow 1.86
Bass 1.98
Guinness 2.20
Caffrey's 2.22
Dry Blackthorn 2.00
Blackthorn Cidermaster 2.20
Czech lager 2.22 (11.xii.97)

It's a shame that they changed the name of this from The Nag's Head, 
because the island on which it stands in the middle of the Thames is named 
after it. It's pretty much like the King's Arms at Sandford - not terribly 
inspiring, large sunken food court, small, more intimate eating area 
upstairs with wrapround wallpaper continuous all through the pub even on 
the air vents.

It does bar billiards though, and instead of the Oxford circuit, is on 
some more exciting more southerly circuit competing with pubs as far away 
as Goring. They welcome families, which I think is about all you need to 
know, really. (11.xii.97)