The Masons Arms (Carlsberg-Tetley)
Quarry School Place, Quarry, Oxford

Wychwood Dog's Bollocks 2.04
Gin and Tonic 1.80 (18.iv.1998)

An idea of the length of time since this place was last seen to externally 
comes from the lamp hanging outside the door, which says "Masons Arms" on 
one face, and "Double Diamond" on two of the others. I believe they used 
to drink that in the Seventies.

The inside, on the other hand, is completely different, and it was 
refurbished in about November 1997 from a bare place reminiscent of 
nothing so much as a deserted Midlands youth club into a quite presentable 
standard pub, with two cask ales (one guest) and a room out the back which 
acts as a comedy venue from time to time. It also has carpet tiles these 
days and a friendly barman.

No longer the worst pub in Oxford. No. Not by a long chalk. Better than 
the Chequers round the corner too, and the Quarry Gate.