The Marsh Harrier (Fullers)
40 Marsh Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2HH. Tel. (01865) 755937

    * Fullers London Pride 2.05 (21.viii.1998)
    * Fullers ESB 2.40 (14.iii.2000)

This is an excellent pub, but a wee bit on the expensive side. There is 
Fullers usual range, carpeting, division into Saloon and Lounge Bar, 
spotless facilities, board games and a newspaper rack. Pretty full most 
nights of the week.

If you are going to be drinking in Cowley, this is the place to come. 
Marsh Road meets Oxford Road on the corner where the Exeter Hall is, and 
the pub sign for the Marsh Harrier is visible from here. When it was 
founded, it was called the Bullingdon Arms, but that title has since 
passed to a markedly inferior institution on Cowley Road, Oxford. 

Mark Dickerson adds:
For some reason I always end up in the Saloon Bar, and for once one of the 
large table of champagne-drinking card-players made a couple of comments 
about public schoolies. Really, I was flattered.

Good beer, cheap, good jukebox, and the atmosphere of a Jericho pub in the 
days before the monkey nuts came. Somewhere still real, then.