The Marlborough House (Punch Tavern)
60 Western Road, Oxford OX1 4LG. Tel. Oxford (01865) 243617

Update, thanks to Duncan Parkes:
Turning into flats.

Pontus Lurcock writes:
Now has Adnams Bitter, Adnams Broadside, Deuchars IPA, and Greene King
IPA. The jukebox runs on CDs, and its contents looked eerily like
those of the jukebox in the Victoria, circa 1997, which is no bad
thing. The upstairs has weekly music (I forget the day). The
downstairs has darts. There is a largeish TV on one wall, but the
sound always seems to be off and it's not too obtrusive.

All in all, a very comfortable place. Can be a little too quiet, but
that's a good excuse to exercise the jukebox.

Editorial note:
    * ABC Bitter £1.76
    * Carlsberg £2.15
    * Löwenbrau £2.40
    * Kilkenny £2.40 (30.v.1999)

I expect all pubs looked like this fifteen years ago. The main bit is 
pretty small and comes in two wee rooms, though there's a pool room 
upstairs and a table football room out the back. The main bit's decorated 
with film posters and mini cricket bats, and the whole thing I think used 
to be Halls by the look of the baraphernalia and Ind Coope before that.

The jukebox is really old and still runs on vinyl. What's more, it's a 
"press button B" jukebox where there's A and B buttons for the actual 
physical sides of the discs. The period feel of the place is enhanced by 
advertising for Skol behind the bar and a transparent telephone. The most 
recent bit of music heard played on the jukebox was by the Stone Roses off 
their self-titled album.

The ABC bitter was pretty good though, much cheaper than in the Rose and 
Crown (sadly not at 1985 prices though), and the half-pint glasses are 
extra tall to give you a fuller head. (30.v.1999)