The Market Square (Whitbread)
2 Cornmarket, Thame OX9 3DX. Tel. (01844) 212933

    * Wadworth 6X 1.98 (23.viii.1999)

I've never seen debranding like this before. This used to be a Hogshead 
public house, though the time I went past before all of the twelve casks 
were off with the pump clip turned round except for the 6X, which made the 
claim to be "Thame's only real ale experience" rather suspect.

Wadworth 6X, being a flighty sulphurous flibbertigibbet of a beer that'd 
turn to vinegar as soon as look at you, is an excellent opportunity for 
publicans to kick themselves in the face in hot weather, but it seems to 
be in decent condition here. The other beers on offer are London Pride and 
Flowers IPA. I'd lay money that the turned-round pump clip was for Old 
Speckled Hen or Greene King IPA.

The food, though, is from the Foresters' Feast range. Lots of blackboards 
up advertising a "Millenium" party. The other customers looked like 
students. (23.viii.1999)