The Machine Man Inn (Free House)
Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire

(Now, sadly, a B & B only.  Not a pub.)

Greene King Triumph GBP 2.20
Shepherd Neame Spitfire GBP 2.20
Something from the West Berkshire brewery GBP 2ish
Sausage and eggs and chips GBP 4.50ish (2001-05-07)

One of the finest pubs in Oxfordshire.  It's hidden just out of the 
village ruond a corner off the single-track road to Little Wittenham and 
Wittenham Clumps, and there's a roadsign pointing to it.  We find at the 
end of a rough drive a rough wee building with a good range of (four or 
five) ales, a knowledgeable barman, and big tables.

The walls are mostly covered in painted wallpaper with the odd map of 
Oxfordshire in the days when it had the Lillingstones as an exclave, and a 
picture of Father Jack.  It does everything you expect from a pub and 
doesn't bother you with background music or squalling children.  
Excellent, in short.

Small garden out the back with green furniture.  The pub was very busy on 
the first Bank Holiday in May this year.  Main courses over a fiver.