The Long Wall (Beefeater)
Garsington Road, Cowley, Oxford

Boddington's Bitter 1.96
Marston's Pedigree 2.02
Wadworth 6X 2.02
Murphy's Stout 2.24
Strongbow 2.08
Bailey's 2.15 (12.xii.97)


Fifteen degrees. It's a bit of a theme-pub version of a motorway service 
station restaurant, but it can't decide whether the theme is the Old West 
or the Morris Works at Cowley. There's informative posters recording the 
recent history of Cowley, but the most fun you'll have here is watching 
folk taking wrong turns when they try to leave. For somewhere so well lit, 
it's completely disorientating.

It's also on the corner of Garsington Road and the bypass, which probably 
accounts for much of the trade it gets. You can't get petrol here, but you 
can across the road. Range of bitters better than the generic Morrells 
pub, but I shouldn't bother, considering that you're within two and a half 
miles of Garsington, and indeed well within a mile of the Marsh Harrier at 
Temple Cowley. (12.xii.97)