The Lamb, Mill Street, Wantage

    * Morland Original 1.90
    * Old Speckled Hen 2.30 (30.vii.1999)

It claims to be the oldest pub in Wantage. Something more revealing 
however might be the bouncer guarding the door on a Friday night, and the 
no entry after 10.30pm policy that they have. Inside, the body of the pub 
is completely packed with young people in their slicked back hair and 
strappy shoes, with the walls covered in old advertisements for "Cock's of 
Shrewsbury" and "Crapper's Thunderflush". It's that sort of place.

Reasonable Old Speckled Hen though, and there are a few rooms off to the 
side of the central area with slightly more respectable decoration in the 
shape of fox-hunting prints. In fact, the chapels are about as large as 
say the Red Lion in Chipping Norton or indeed the Plough in Clifton 
Hampden. There's a conservatory to the southern end if you're interested.

They do food, as well, with signs advertising "Special Beef and Prawn 
Salad with New Potatoes" for 6.50. Don't know what Special Beef is.