The Lamb Inn, Shipton under Wychwood
Old English Pub Company

    * Hook Norton Best 1.90
    * Strongbow Dry Cider 2.35
    * Orange and Lemonade 1.50 (One Pound Fifty) (

Just off the Burford Road, at first I thought there was a war memorial 
somewhere nearby on account of the knot of local youths by the entgrance 
to the car park. A light spotting of rain drove them away but did nothing 
to discourage the Land Rover-driving classes from arriving for food.

Cotswold stone, rafters covered in dried hops. About a dozen or so single 
malts behind the bar, but I suspect that they'd be pretty expensive, even 
by single malt standards. Enormously restauranty. Presumably the Red Horse 
in Shipton under Wychwood is the one where the common people go, but we 
didn't find it on our explorations.

Geordie barmaid explaining to French barmaid her life story and the 
planned renovation of the Bull Inn in Charlbury, which was our next stop.