The Lamb, Chalgrove
Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.80
Morrells Varsity Bitter 2.00 (16.x.1998)

Beef Lasagne 5.25
Veggie Lasagne 5.25
Jumbo Cod 4.75
Apple Crumble 2.50
Death by Chocolate 2.50

This is divided into a distant public bar full of pool-playing youths from 
the surprisingly rough village of Chalgrove, and a plush lounge, into 
which to be admitted you need to be at least twenty-one years old (unless 
you're dining) and smartly dressed. This latter is where teachers at the 
local primary have their lunches on a Friday. The armchairs and sofa are 
particularly comfortable, in a cubic sort of a way.

The beer is surprisingly good, considering it's been sparklered and they 
don't know how to take the sparklers off. The food is good quality 
standardish pub food in huge portions. If you can manage a dessert, then 
I'm sorry to inform you that the apple crumble is a poor specimen. The 
cook is Scottish and called Sandra.

There's a picture of Falkland cricket club from 1910. Could the two be 
connected? I failed to ask. (17.x.1998)