The Kings Arms, Nethercote End, Tackley

Morrells Oxford Bitter (3.7%) 1.80
Westons Oak-Conditioned Strong Cider (500ml bottle) (6.5%) 2.00 (10.ix.1998)

Initially unpromising, with only Morrells Oxford on cask, plus a guest (which 
was finished: they take the Morrells guest), the pub improved dramatically 
when we discovered the chessboard next to three disused cask pumps. I never 
realized what a satisfying action they have.

Pool table and vinyl singles jukebox not too intrusive, being hidden behind a 
fireplace. Barman solicitous, moustachioed and from Cowdenbeath. Unlike the 
Gardiner Arms along the road, there's no evidence of food, which in this case 
can only be a good thing.

The bottled proper cider, incidentally, is for a woman along the road who 
comes in at the end of the month for the folk music. (10.ix.1998)