The Kings Arms

Homespreads is owned by Scottish Courage, and there's about twenty of them 
thinly scattered through England and Wales. Whereas the first time I visited, 
they had a reasonable range of Courage's Theakston beers, they were reduced 
this time round to Courage Best and Courage Directors, which you don't walk 
that distance out of town for. No.

The most disturbing feature of this place is the large notices saying "WHAT 
TO DO" and proceeding to give instructions, which are white on red and in the 
font used in the cult TV series "The Prisoner" (except that the dots on top 
of the lower-case letter Is are retained). Most of the signs in the pub are 
printed like this, which might disturb some folk.

Something else which is unique (as far as I know) to Oxford pubs is that they 
have a playpen for wee children, full of brightly coloured balls and with a 
slide going into it. They also have a wee playpark outside in the car park.