The Kings Arms (Halls)
The Moors, Kidlington

    * ABC Bitter 1.80
    * Mistletoad 1.95
    * Burton Ale 2.00
    * Cola 80p (6.i.1999)

The only thing I remembered from the previous visit, other than the shape of 
the public bar, which has a dart board, was the meat draw that is held on 
Sundays. In the lounge there's a history of the pub in italic (instead of 
squiggly writing) which dates it back to the last century and no earlier, 
there having been nothing on this side (the west side) of The Moors before 

Three real ales on tap, Ind Coope Burton Ale and ABC being the regulars. 
Bilious green seating reminiscent of the House of Commons. Lots of darts 
going on in the public bar, so we were sent to the lounge. Tapster's Choice 
beermats from the summer, which suggests that they may have changed their 
guest ale policy. Good pub. (6.i.1999)

Martyn Preston adds:
The Kings Arms sometimes has live music on Friday nights. (12.vii.2000)

Editorial note:
Robert Wallis tells me they have a skittle alley. (