The King of Prussia (Morrells)
Rose Hill, Oxford

Now closed (burnt down, no less). (2011-10-06)

Morrells Oxford 1.70 Morrells Brewery Gate Smooth 1.80 Morrells Varsity 1.98 Whitbread Bitter 1.74 Guinness Stout 2.10 Strongbow Cider 2.00 (16.xii.97) This has an interesting history. It used to be a good deal further down the hill (where now there's a footpath to Iffley which eventually becomes Tree Lane) at the start of the stone wall, and called the King of Prussia. The First World War led to it being renamed The Allied Arms (four German labourers were chucked out for singing "Ve shall vin", and the sign kept getting knocked down by recruits), the pub sign at one point depicting Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Then it was renamed "The Ox" in the 1970s, and finally became the King of Prussia again in the late 1990s. Morrells decided to change the name. The roar of air conditioning is one of the first things you notice, and also the chinese-style fans decking the walls (closer to The Duke of York in Oxpens than The Bear), and the friendly barman. The clientele seems quite talkative as well. The food is quite reasonably priced (2.00 for sausage and chips, 2.80 for cod and chips), but I haven't tried it yet. There's only two casks, though, Morrells Oxford and Morrells Varsity. (16.xii.97)