The King and Queen (Morrells)
High Street, Wheatley, Oxon.

    * Morrells Bitter 1.80
    * Morrells Varsity 1.96
    * Strongbow Cider 2.00
    * Coke/Lemonade 80p
    * Jelly Bean 8.00 per jug (28.ii.1998)

Owen Massey writes:
The King and Queen is a low, long, stone-built pub on Wheatley's pretty 
High Street. As you enter you walk straight into the bar. I'm sure the pub 
can't be as small as it seemed because looking down on it as I left 
Wheatley I noticed it has a beer garden. Anyway, there's a food servery on 
the left of the bar and table football and arcade machines on the right. 
(Incidentally, a table football match was advertised for the non-existent 
29 February 1998.)

I liked it. I'd ducked in there to get out of the snow but I was glad I'd 
found it; although it's small it didn't seem threatening, though there 
wouldn't be anywhere to hide when they have live bands on Saturday nights. 
The clientele looked like Brookes students and knew the landlady's name.

"Jelly Bean" is advertised behind the bar as a mix of blackcurrant, cider, 
Cointreau, gin, lager, lemonade, whisky and vodka and is served by the 
jug. I imagine that when you order it the whole pub falls silent to watch. 

Edward Harris adds:
It seems to be quite empty at the start of the week, but seems to fill up 
with a fairly young clientele later in the week. Holds discos and live 
bands on weekends. Does food, but I haven't eaten there. Beer garden out 
at the back, through the other bar (which is smaller and slightly cosier).