The Jubilee Inn (Wadworth)
Bampton, Oxfordshire 

*	Wadworth 6X 1.60
*	Glass of coke 80p (25.v.1998)

I can't remember what the street it's on is called, but it was next to the 
War Memorial. Linoleum flooring, Henry's IPA and 6X on tap, Bampton prices 
and a large tarmaced square outside where they were holding Morris 
dancing. There's a garden with a few benches out the back, and a map 
showing the attractions of Bampton.

It takes its name from Victoria's jubilee in 1887. There's a wonderfully 
cliched pub sign showing the silhouette of a man on horseback against the 
sun going down on some part of the British Empire. And ships. (25.v.1998)