The Jolly Postboys (Morrells)
Florence Park Rd, Oxford

Morrells Bitter 1.68
Strongbow Cider 1.96 (2.xii.97)

Florence Park Road looks surprisingly like a wider version of Morrell 
Avenue, and is a good deal more upmarket than I would have suspected for 
this part of town. The Jolly Postboys is more or less in keeping with 
this. It's a distorted L-shape, with a small carpeted lounge bar at the 
northern end, with pot plants and a gas fire, and a much bigger tiled 
saloon bar with a huge pool table.

Both bits have a red artexed ceiling on them. As far as drinks go, the 
range is rather limited - consisting of just Morrells Bitter and Smooth, 
plus one or two other bitters on keg and I think three lagers. They do 
Guinness and Murphy's Stouts, but didn't have a working price list.

One odd and rather unreconstructed feature of this pub is that it has two 
Gents's and only one Ladies (this is in the lounge bar, whereas there is a 
Gents at each end of the saloon), rather than the more usual other way 
about. (3.xii.97)