The Jolly Farmers (Greenalls)
Paradise Street, Oxford

Bass 1.68
Flowers Original 1.82 (22.i.1998)

Initial warning: this has a very offensively-garish and cartoony pub sign 

Renowned in Oxford for being a gay pub. And while one of the clientele was 
admittedly reading a newspaper with pictures of naked men in it (these are 
supplied on the tables), it all came across as being a bit bland and 
"nice" with wooden beams and irritatingly light piped music. and there's a 
no-smoking room on the left hand side of the bar, which is something of a 

Don't know about women in this pub -- I've heard that it's very 
male-dominated and certainly this was the case when I've been there.

They do food, probably because of the intended clientele and competition 
from the Brewery Gate and O.X. One round the corners.

The first time I went, in January, the Flowers wasn't up to much, but on 
the second time, in August (surprisingly, considering the weather), it was 
much better. Enjoyable, even.

No angle, but a dispensing machine for breath fresheners. Something you'd 
expect in a Continental service station more than a UK pub. Apparently 
pubs in Colchester are like this. (12.viii.1998)