The Jolly Boatman, Banbury Road, Thrupp
Morrells Varsity 1.99
Guinness Stout 2.05
Coffee 95p (14.v.1998)

Stephen Gower writes:
This is the older of the two pubs in Thrupp built (as, among other things, 
the sign near the entrance tells us) in 1825. In the "garden", there is an 
interesting contrast between the noise and the speed of the A4260 on one side 
and the tranquillity of the canal on the other. This continues into the 
family room as having large windows on both sides mean there are full views 
of each. As well as the family room there is a lounge-bar and a games room 
(with a single video game machine and a dart board). Food is ordered at the 
bar and delivered to wherever you choose to sit, the portions are generous 
and the range of puddings is vast. Drinks are standard Morrells fare at 
pretty much standard prices.

Overall a good choice for lunch with a more "homely" atmosphere than the Boat 
just up the road (or indeed canal). (14.v.1998)