The John Barleycorn
Station Road, Goring RG8.

    * Brakspear Bitter 2.00
    * Brakspear Special 2.20
    * Brakspear Barnstormer 2.20
    * Orange juice 90p
    * Bar billiards 1.00 (13.ix.1999)

Very small pub this on the corner of Manor Road and Station Road. It's an 
old building, full of beams and walls. There is not a right angle to be 
found in the house, and the lounge bar was completely full when we 
visited, largely with people eating.

Three cask ales on tap, Bitter, Special and a seasonal one. The 
Barnstormer was excellent. The bar billiards is right next to the door, 
with the pool table in another room. There seems to be some sort of small 
patioed garden out the back. (13.ix.1999)