The Jack Russell
Independent IPA 1.62
Morland Original 2.00
Ruddles County 2.20
Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.00
Blackthorn Cidermaster 2.15
Guinness Stout 2.25
Poppadoms 35p (26.vii.1998)

Modern pub this. The grounds are mostly car park, and the frontage of the 
pub is hemisemicircular, knobbly, and covered in terracotta reliefs of 
grapes and hops. Inside, one bar is full of snooker tables, but the other 
one looks like a seventies function room, and is not unpleasant.

There is a huge mirror behind the bar, mostly covered in different 
varieties of spirits, and a barman who looks oddly like Richard Stilgoe. 
There are four ales on cask, in good condition, and the discovery of the 
day was that Green Chilli flavour poppadoms go excellently with Ruddles 

Difficult to assess the clientele in the lounge bar as they mostly 
consisted of motorcyclists from overseas. (26.vii.1998)