The Horse and Jockey (Morrells)
Woodstock Road, Oxford

Now a housing development. (2003-09)

Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.84
Morrells Varsity Bitter 1.94
Morrells Graduate Bitter 2.14
Strongbow Cider 2.03
Westons Scrumpy Jack 2.18 (10.iii.1998)

Worst of the pubs round here, and one which I only visited because I 
hadn't been here yet. Full of folk in tracksuits most of the time, 
apparently. They have a nasty habit of not turning round the pump clips on 
dead casks, and the Graduate is only available downstairs, in the "Tut 'n' 
Shive" bar, which is only available at set times, and can be booked in 
advance. Odd place downstairs, has two vertical baths (with writing on) 
and a chess table.

Downstairs also has a pump with a Proctor pump clip on it. But, really, 
no, I'd recommend you go to the Gardeners Arms on Plantation Road or the 
Rose and Crown on North Parade instead. (10.iii.1998)