The Hollybush, 35 Corn Street, Witney
Coke/lemonade 60p
Jacket potatoes with stuff 2.50 (25.x.1998)

Owen Massey writes:
Chalked up outside is "More characters in 'ere than Disney" and I strongly 
suspect it's true. The baldaquin of the bar has not just postcards from 
regulars but many photos of people having a Good Time, giving it a rather 
exclusive air. The barman has a huge beard and wears a felt cap.

To add to the impression of a locals' pub we have the dartboard and The 
Pit, a sort of mini-Point where bands can play in the back half of the 
pub. Half of the front is given over to tables for food, however, and the 
people eating were a good deal better scrubbed than the drinkers with no 
apparent disharmony.

Service friendly if slow. My baked potato was unfortunately powdery but 
the surprising amount of food accompanying it made up for this.