The Hobgoblin, Sheep Street, Bicester

Wychwood Shires 1.30 
Wychwood Four Nations 1.80 (12.iii.1999) 

I bought two halfs, one of Shires, the other of Four Nations, and paid for 
them with a Shoulders of Giants. They gave me 80p in change, *and* it was 
slightly after eleven o'clock. Tremendously loud though. It was only after 
a few minutes of the over-amplified cacophony that I recognized it as the 
Fun Lovin' Criminals, who aren't actually that cacophonous. 

Stone walls. Your actual beams. I think this used to be The Bell, of Bell 
Lane fame, before Wychwood got their hands on it. 

The beer is good, and cheap.  Somewhat modified customers (piercings and 
so on).