The Head of the River (Fuller's)
Folly Bridge, Oxford

The name came from a competition when the pub was built in the 1970s.

A tall building with ample terracing on the St Aldates side, and also the 
only one reachable directly from Christ Church Meadow (through a kissing 
gate and over a bridge) it has been done out in the last five years in a 
nautical theme, and happens in a pair of floors with a tall dais at the 
northern end of the ground floor.

There is an upside-down rowing eight on the ceiling of the ground floor, 
and instructions for the obtaining of food and accommodation (there are a 
number of rooms available.

Beer: the London Pride tasted chilled, and not that recognizable.  I 
prefer the Wharf House on Speedwell Street, providing it's open.

Packed out in Eights Week, unsurprisingly.