The Harcourt Arms (Free House)
Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire 

*	Wadworth 6X 2.00
*	Theakston XB 2.32 (Two Pounds Thirty-Two)
*	Guinness 2.30
*	Strongbow 2.00
*	Henry 1.50 (11.i.1998)

I prefer the one in Jericho. The best bit about this pub cum country 
restaurant is the comfortable sofa next to a big fire (with an excellent 
coal scuttle and a very heavy poker). Open all day.  Friendly service.

The average sandwich on sale here is over four pounds. Daily Mail.  Wine
list.  Piped music, the highlight of which is a Phil Collins number
interpreted through the gift of the haunting sound of the panpipes (not
available in any shops). Fifteen degrees.

It's on the main road through Stanton Harcourt and opposite the chapel and 
the Manor. The chapel's open all the time and contains a shrine to St 
Edburg of Bicester and the Harcourt family's private chapel, containing 
four massive gisants, and the manor's open some of the time and charges 
entrance. The manor does contain Pope's Tower, but you can see that from 
the road and the Harcourt Arms car park anyway. (12.i.1998)