The Greyhound, Besselsleigh
Owen Massey writes:
This is a terrible family-oriented food place (I won't dignify it with the 
word 'restaurant') situated on the northern side of the A420, so easiest 
to get to as you approach Oxford. You can tell it's family-oriented 
because it says so on the door, just above the sign asking you to tuck in 
your shirt. For a moment I doubted whether it was still called The 
Greyhound as all the menus said "The Family Restaurant, Besselsleigh" as 
if this were sufficiently distinctive.

God knows about the drinks. The food is the standard Harvester-cum- 
Beefeater inoffensive range; you could take elderly relatives here but for 
the money you'd be better off going to e.g. Brown's in Oxford. I had the 
duckling a l'orange and my companion the chicken pieces.

There is continual music played just sufficiently loud to irritate you; 
when I went there it was malfunctioning too, but not enough to silence the 
interleaved Enya and Simon & Garfunkel.