The Greyhound, Letcombe Regis
Letcombe Regis, where the opening chapters of Hardy's Jude the Obscure 
were set, is best approached by a tarmacadamed footpath from Wantage, if 
you're arriving by public transport.

In the oddly russet light of an Oxfordshire sunset we saw a surprising 
number of roadsigns pointing, to LETCOMBE LABORATORY. This turned out to 
be nothing less sinister than Dow Agrosciences. They have a lake in there. 
All to their very own. And a forest.

Went to the Greyhound to see whether the population of the village had 
been replaced by clones, or robots, or Diana Rigg, but apparently not. Old 
Speckled Hen and Morland Original on cask, both well-kept. Lots of dining 
going on. Big garden with benches and children out the back next to a car 

Saw somebody I shared a house with last summer out the back, which was 
thankfully the most unsettling thing that happened. (30.vii.1999)