The Green Man (Mitchell and Butler), Main Street, Mollington 

M & B Brew XI 1.90 (

Since the demise of the Sun Rising at Claydon (about six years ago, as it 
turns out), this is the northernmost pub in Oxfordshire, and the first 
Green Man I've been to. Mollington is in a little dip off the side of the 
main road, and the pub sits on a raised pavement overlooking fields.

Impression of low ceilings within, a poster listing Green Man-related 
events in Britain as far north as Fife, a television round the corner from 
the door (showing the Netherlands trouncing Yugoslavia at the football), 
Chinese character horse brasses above the door, and no hand pumps. Enjoyed 
the Brew XI, though. I suspect the chairs were carpented specially for 
this pub. They're upholstered stools with wooden backs to them. The backs 
have clover-shaped holes carved into them.

There are lots of Mitchell and Butler pubs in this area because M & B took 
over Hunt Edmunds, a Banbury brewer. Many of them still have the Hunt 
Edmunds logo, a coat of arms showing a fine lady upon a fine horse, by the 
door. (

Addendum: Beer on Tap reports that they've started doing real ale.