The Grapes (Morrells)
7 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AT. Tel. (01865) 793380

Morrells Oxford Bitter GBP 1.95 (9.ix.1999)
Morrells Graduate Bitter GBP 2.15 (30.v.1999)
Carbonnade a la Flamande GBP 5.25 (9.ix.1999)

James Davey writes:
The link between The Grapes and the nearby theatres (The Apollo, 
Playhouse, BT and OFS) is unmissable. The ceiling is lovingly covered in 
various flyers and posters from shows old and new. This gives the interior 
a very pleasant look, much more like an authentic pub than any of the 
others on George St. The pub is not particularly large but the seating is 
comfortable and easily accessible.

The beer is the standard Morrells fare (Graduate, Varsity and Oxford 
bitters) Food is also available, I particularly recomend the Fisherman's 
Pie (They also serve jacket potatoes, baguettes, scampi and chips, lasagne 
etc.) (I found the jacket potatoes excellent - Ed.) However, service is 
slightly slow so don't pop in if you want a quick bite to eat before the 
theatre or you may miss the first 10 minutes of performance.

Definitely worth relaxing in if you are in the area and the food is good 

Owen Massey writes:
It's usually taken me a while to get a free seat in the Grapes, which I 
think you might want to record. (Well, not about me personally, of 
course.) That said, the barpersons do pretty well even when it's busy. 

Colin Batchelor writes: Ooh. It's been reupholstered and repainted on the outside. Much more of the feel of a Victorian pub to it now with proper thick leather seating rather that the ripped House of Lords-style benching it had before. Otherwise, almost exactly the same but for the barrelly tat above the doors to the facilities. Excellent pub if quiet every time I've been in (which is no bad thing) and the Graduate is cheap as far as Graduate goes. The ginger beer comes in genuine ginger beer glasses, or so Elaine tells me. Behind the bar is a model of a sheep's head wearing a beret and smoking a cigarette. (30.v.1999) Mark Dickerson adds: The beer was fine and the food excellent. Some of the padded benches towards the back are raised up to remind one of leg-dangling childhood. Very loud big-band tape on when I went, and an irate man arguing about the use of a church for a human rights banner. (9.ix.1999)