Has now become The Turnpike (5.iv.2001).
The Grapes, Yarnton (A Big Steak Pub)
Tetley Cask Bitter 1.80
Marstons Pedigree 1.95 (19.vii.1998)

It is open all day, though how much use that is to it on a Sunday 
afternoon in July is moot: it was very quiet indeed, and two members of 
staff, plus the pub dog Pasta, who is a wee white and ginger beardy 
terrier device, were watching the television. The beer was Allied Domecq's 
stuff. It is fairly synthetic as a pub, and has been refurbished out of 

There's a pool table on a dais at the northern end, beyond which is the 
Gents. The dining area is to the south. There's a playground out the back 
to the east. They have sparklers on the Marston Pedigree. Actually, I 
think I don't know what Marston Pedigree tastes like because I've never 
had it in a Marstons pub. No. (19.vii.1998)