The Grandpont Arms (Free House)
Edith Road, Oxford

Duncan Parkes updates:
The small Hall's plaque on the wall is the only evidence there was once a
pub here. Image

Banks's Bitter GBP 1.70
Guinness GBP 2.10
Strongbow GBP 2.26 (6.i.98)

"Last night was busy, and if there's a half-decent night tomorrow that'll 
make up for a bad night like... tonight. But we were quite busy in the 
four weeks running up to Christmas."

Possibly it was a case of finding it on a quiet night, but I was struck by 
how deathly quiet it was. The pair of us doubled the clientele, until a 
good bit later when two locals came in. An earringed youth popped through 
from the Newbury bar to the lounge (a bit seventies, wooden panelling, 
bright blue seating, odd browny-yellow-black psychedelic formica tables) 
and played on the one-armed bandit for a bit then went away again. The 
most original bits of it are the wooden Ireland hanging on the wall 
beneath a pair of crossed hurleys, and a reverse clock behind the bar.

It's got two fonts on the bar each for Harp Irish Lager and Guinness, one 
or two other lagers and a single keg of bitter (Banks's), and most of the 
regulars drink their bitter from bottles. (7.i.98)