The Golden Pheasant Inn, High Street, Burford
Theakston Best 1.95
Courage Directors 2.00
Beamish Stout 2.20 (21.iii.1998)

Beer blandish, but the seating actually rather pleasant. Reasonably airy 
and light with a real fire and very comfortable seating --- armchairs, 
sofa and a walnut table. (Though the last one isn't for sitting on.) 
Stuffed golden pheasant next to bar. The hotel and restaurant bits are 
pretty well obscured from the bar bit. On the plus side, the newspapers 
are on those long bits of wood you get in libraries. On the minus side, 
they're the Times and the Telegraph.

The other oddity was that the men in my party got served in straight-sided 
glasses, and the women got hugely curvaceous ones. (21.iii.1998)