I'm sure I've been in here in the past decade and a bit.  Nonetheless,
A. Broom reports that this is now the White 
Rabbit. (2012-12-12)

The Gloucester Arms Friars Entry, Oxford The Reverend James GBP 2.20 (1999-11-05) Dark, warm, five ales on tap (good condition), hairy. They've stopped doing Royal Oak. I think it's a disgrace. An old review of the Harcourt Arms mentioned that Oxford's Goths congregated here on Wednesday nights. This is no longer true. They now (1999-11) come here on Tuesday nights. The pub advertises "alternate R & B/Goth/Industrial". Surprisingly unobtrusive heavy metal nights on Fridays. On Saturday they advertise "The Usual". No, I don't know. There's a sign up saying "This way to the biggest beer garden in the universe" through a fire door. It actually leads out to the universe, which I think explains it. Next to that there's a good long alcove with signed photos of actors on the wall. I think one of them is of Ian Richardson, but it isn't visibly signed. There's a false-colour one of Cilla Black. It's the best pub for quite a long way round with the possible exception of the Grapes. The name? Same origin as Worcester College's previous incarnation as Gloucester College: the monks of Gloucester Abbey. A barman was quite keen that a fresh-faced youth of my acquaintance get a proof of age card after spending quarter of an hour waving ID cards around. They're quite keen on that sort of thing here. (1999-11-05)