The George and Dragon, Sutton Courtenay

Update: This is under new management.  They have a web page at

Old review (some time between 1999 and 2001):
This has a pleasant enough setting in the old village bit of Sutton 
Courtenay, overlooked by the village church (in the graveyard of which is 
buried George Orwell), and comes in the public bar half, which is still 
recognizably a pub, and the lounge half, which is very restauranty.

When we turned up we were served by a French chef whose English wasn't all 
that it might be. Garden out the back is paved and has a good view of the 
church. Beers are the typical Morland threesome of Original, Old Speckled 
Hen, and Charles Wells' Bombardier, which was nothing special.

The food looks proper restaurant price and proper restaurant stuff too.