The George (Morrells)
Sandford Road, Littlemore.

    * Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.56
    * Morrells Friars Bitter 1.50
    * Guinness 2.10
    * Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.10 (18.xi.1997)

Once I'd fought my way past the darts match being held in the way of the 
door into the saloon bar, I came to a bar which promised Morrell's Mild, a 
pint of which I ordered. Unfortunately, it was just a dummy pump. Chunky 
swirly wallpaper, red leatherette seating round the walls, 
yellowy-magnolia walls with only the occasional Morrells poster to 
interrupt the flow.

Full of folk from Littlemore. Two bars. Smoke. (18.xi.1997)

Chris Brewer writes:
This pub is in the terminal ward, waiting for the end. Or just maybe 
Morrells of Oxford will one day give it an injection of new life, in their 
own inimitable style. Five people were in on the evening I visited. The 
atmosphere was dark and dank, the only saving grace some classic red 
formica tables in the lounge bar. A large banner reading 'The future has a 
traditional flavour' was hung by the Aunt Sally alley, ironic considering 
there was No Beer Worth Drinking (NBWD). (17.v.2000)