The George (Morrells)
West Way, Botley

Janet McKnight updates: now a Richer Sounds. (2011-10-07)

Monday to Thursday 11am to 2pm, 7pm to 11pm Friday to Saturday 11am to 11pm Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm (23.ii.1998) * Morrells Oxford 1.76 * Morrells Varsity 2.00 * Strongbow Cider 2.06 * Westons Scrumpy Jack 2.16 * Guinness Stout 2.26 (23.ii.1998) Chris Brewer writes: It seems like Morrells of Oxford have bought a very large job lot of green paint. The entire exterior of this pub is covered in vividly verdant signs, telling you what to do and what not to do. Retreating from the Radio One blaring inside the pub, I sat overlooking the stream that runs by outside, which was full of surprisingly large fish. A rather cross looking and entirely immobile swan prevented me going any closer to the water. NBWD. (2000-08-21) Colin Batchelor writes: Some of the old review showing what this pub used to be like:
Odd place this. Back from West Way and on the banks of the Seacourt stream, the open space of the pub is divided into a firmly indoors bit, with pool table (free on Thursdays) and leather settees, and a more restauranty darkened candlelit conservatory overlooking the Seacourt stream, adorned with jars of carnations. I've never had a candlelit pint before, and certainly not in the presence of such a loud jukebox. I've never seen the word "baghettes" before either. It's enough to make you forget how the word's spelt. Probably the oddest bit was the signs in the spotless facilities bearing the word "NOT", the O being composed of a red circle with a red line through a hypodermic syringe. The George of the title is George IV, at least judging by the pub sign. (23.ii.1998) There are new banners outside it protesting about the closure of Morrells, put up by the landlady, a Ms Power, which read "Hodgson' Theorem: 1782 to 1988 = 77 P45's" and "Oxford Bitter? Damn right we are." The trustees of Morrells are not pleased about this. (31.viii.1998)