Gardeners Arms (Morrells)
North Parade, Oxford

Morrells Oxford (3.7%) 1.86
Morrells Graduate (5.0%) 2.28
Morrells Brewery Gate Smooth 2.08
Strongbow Dry Cider 2.18
Guinness Stout 2.37 (21.vii.1998)

Mulled Wine 1.90 (11.xii.1998)

Warm, cosy, long pub, full of the usual sorts of North Parade eccentrics, 
a rack full of newspapers, a terrestrial television unobtrusive and rarely 
switched on at the north end and hideously expensive. On the plus side, 
they did let me start my collection of Morrells beermats with an Oxford 
Bitter one off a pile of brand new ones on the bar. The beer is also many 
times better than that in the Rose and Crown across the road.

The sandwiches, which Liz mentions later, are 2.80 a shot, which is 
reasonable considering the wide range of them (including Coronation 
Chicken, and Chicken and Broccoli). The dog is very small and yappy. When 
I was in in June, they were doing Scorcher instead of Varsity, but they 
had reverted to form by December. (11.xii.1998)

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
Small, polite, friendly pub, not especially studenty and no good reason 
why not. Unusual and very nice sandwiches, which are recommended; also 
does baltis, which I've not tried.