This is now The Goose.

The Fuggle and Firkin (Firkin), Red Lion Square, Oxford. Fuller's London Pride GBP 2.10 (5.v.2000) This, in presumably happier times, was the Red Lion. Shortly after that it turned into the Brewhouse and quite recently became what it is now, something which looks a lot like a pub but isn't quite. It's very big, spacious and airy though. It's an impressive quadrant of a building on at least three floors, dormer windows in the roof, harled down most of the side, with brown porcelain tiles up to about knee height all the way round on the pavement. There's also a sizeable patio outside covered in tables and parasols and overlooking the Gloucester Arms, which is next door, and better. There's also a huge mural which dates from at least 1994. (21.iv.1998) Since the partition of Allied Domecq between Punch Taverns and Bass, there has been no more brewing and they only sell national bands I mean brands. A correspondent writes that he was served at 2250, and then relieved of his drinks and asked to leave at 2305 on Saturday. (22.i.2001) Mark Dickerson adds: They've evidently dropped Burton Ale, which is a bit of a shame. I'm really rather fond of the mural on the side. There's another (even older?) mural in the rather seedy covered patio which is one of those fantastic landscapes found in books linked with fabulous hidden prizes. It's a shame the beer selection's so disappointing. (5.v.2000) Appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Oxford. 22.i.2001 / 5.v.2000 / 29.iii.2000 / 25.i.1998