Defunct by 16.v.2000

The Friar Bacon (Morrells)
Elsfield Way, Cutteslowe

Morrells Light Ale (275ml) 98p
Whitbread Best Bitter 1.80
Guinness Stout 2.30 (26.x.1998)

This feels like a genuine pub. The lounge seems to be out of action, but a 
room marked "The Snug" is in operation. Didn't get a chance to look at the 
garden. Never mind young people in black polo shirts such as you'd find in 
the Kings Arms Summertown (where young Cutteslovians go) or in the Turf, 
here we have a huge and jowly publican with tattoos. But they do do 
Morrells Oxford Bitter now, after a bit of a gap.

They have a blocked-up fireplace, and a jukebox with visible workings 
which is rather upstaged by a terrestrial television mounted above the bar 
so that the barman can watch it in quiet patches.

I think folk between 21 (the upper limit for the Kings Arms Summertown)  
and 40/50 must come here during the day, leaving the evenings for folk
whose children have either left home or are drinking lager in the Kings
Arms, and teenage girls, because round the corner there's a pool table.  
Because teenage boys don't know about the pub, the girls get a go on the
table. Or so it would appear. (26.x.1998)