The Fox and Hounds (Morrells, leased to Whitbread)
Abingdon Road, Oxford

Now closed (2011-10-06)

Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm Morrells Varsity 1.98 (25.vii.1998) It's on the corner of Abingdon Road and Weirs Lane and has huge signs outside it informing the passerby that it's open all day, and has Sky Television. It also has a big Aunt Sally out the back which is visible from the road/space. This has an unfortunately-named restaurant, the "Forester's Feast" attached, with children's play areas indoors and out. It's full of wooden beams and pub brasses and horsaphernalia and big signs saying "ALES AND STOUT". They're lying on the second point. Another sign towards the Abingdon Road door says "Sod the Turf". Ha ha. Fans of machines will be pleased to note that they have a jelly bean machine and a mini egg machine. There's a huge car park in which they sometimes hold car boot sales, and a ramped door marked "FAMILY ENTRANCE". There's also two sets of facilities, 15 degrees in one, and 30 degrees in the other. (30 degrees, oddly, in the "family" end rather than the "raucous pubgoer" end.) The man behind the bar reckoned that Whitbread'd take it over when Morrells goes under. It'll be much the same, except the beers'll be Flowers and Boddingtons I'll expect. (25.vii.1998)