The Fox and Hounds (Free House, tied to Morland)
on the A420, Littleworth, Faringdon, Oxfordshire

    * Old Speckled Hen 2.00
    * Morland Original 1.75
    * Strongbow cider 2.00
    * Fruit juice 85p

    * Filled jacket potato 3.00
    * Sausage, egg and chips 3.50
    * Jam roly-poly 1.75
    * Cherry pancake with ice-cream 2.00 (

It currently looks semi-demolished and is being refurbished into "The 
Snooty Fox". Aargh. (1.vii.2000)

Owen Massey writes:
This is an acceptable pub on the north side of the A420 a little east of 
Faringdon. Every surface seems to be covered in wallpaper, except for the 
walls, which are Artexed. There is a snooker table, and the occasional 
roar of aeroplanes from Brize Norton.

The restaurant section seems to be a new venture to profit from passing 
traffic. It's a small side room which only fits four tables, entered 
through saloon-bar doors. To fit the name of the pub, there are dozens of 
fox-hunting paintings on the walls, along with a surely fake photograph of 
a fox serenely riding a huntsman's horse.

The range of food is more caff than restaurant: I enjoyed the large 
helping of sausage, egg and chips, which looked like a heart attack on a 
plate but was in fact pleasantly non-greasy. The dessert menu eschews the 
usual chocolate overdose for school puddings like apple pie, strawberry 
gateau and jam roly-poly, the last of which was thick and deadly as it 
should be. The service was commendably quick, especially considering it 
was a Sunday lunchtime.

Apparently the ladies' facilities are clean. (