The Fox (Morrells)
Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire 

*	Batemans XXXB 1.90
*	Morrells Brewery Gate Smooth 1.90
*	Morrells Oxford Lager 1.90
*	Henry 1.00
*	Coffee 85p (11.i.1998)

It's the first pub you come to in Stanton Harcourt coming south from 
Sutton, and it's open all day, even on a Sunday. Run by a youngish Irish 
couple, it seems to be a good bit more popular with the locals than the 
Harcourt Arms down the road. The average price of a meal in here is 3.50, 
and it has ample parking off the road.

Piped Fox FM, unfortunately, and it's a bit smoky towards the north end
(which has a pool table), though the restaurant tables by the windows on
the west side are quite pleasant to sit at. (12.i.1998)