The Folly Bridge Inn (Wadworth)
38 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4PD. Tel Oxford (01865) 790106. Sign: A 
stretch of the river Thames with barges on it.

    * Wadworth 6X 1.74
    * Tanglefoot 1.82
    * Blackthorn Dry Cider 2.03 (15.iv.1998)
    * Wychwood Old Father Time 1.98 (7.xii.1999)

Easily the best pub in South Oxford. Warm, reasonably recently 
refurbished, friendly service, patio with Aunt Sally, carpets, clean 
facilities, fifteen degrees, wide range of beers (though not as wide as 
the Prince of Wales in Iffley, obviously, and not as varied as the Wharf 
House, obviously) and two ciders, but no real ciders.

Rather ramshackle pile of books on shelf above the patio door, meat draw 
every Friday, quiz on Tuesday nights (like the Prince of Wales), and food 
(which I haven't sampled yet, except for bowls of the prawn crackers) -- 
the average main course about 5, sweets 2 a shot (chocolate orange cake, 
apple pie, homemade sticky toffee pudding, chocolate fudge cake, treacle 
tart, apple turnover), and usefully for when conversation ebbs away, 
newspapers, consisting of the Oxford Times, Oxford Mail, Daily Telegraph 
and part one of the Independent.

I think there was a Daily Mail there, but I shouldn't be quoted on that. 
There's also a magnificent radio from the pre-Hilversum era. M'colleague 
Chris reports that there's a music quiz league on Sunday nights from the 
middle of February onwards. (9.xii.1999)