The Five Alls, Filkins
Free House

Editorial note:
New management at the Five Alls.  More at

Owen Massey writes:
If you were attracted to Filkins by its curious name then discovering this 
pub will bring you even greater pleasure. An explanation is given at the 
end, for those who don't want the surprise spoilt. The village is pleasant 
enough, though if it's pretty Cotswold cottages you're after you'll do 
better in nearby Lechlade and Fairford. The attraction in Filkins is the 
Cotswold Woollen Weavers' mill, which you can wander around for free 
before buying a tweed jacket and "gentleman's cap" in its shop.

The name "The Five Alls" refers to The Queen who governs all; a Lawyer who 
pleads for all; a Parson who prays for all; a Soldier who fights for all, 
and a Farmer who pays for all. (19.iv.1998)