The Fishes (Morrells)
North Hinksey, Oxford

"It's the sort of place businessmen take their little wives" - Kirstie Jackson

First, a bit of old review:

* Everard Tiger GBP 2.00 (1998-08-31) This is a typical riverside pub with huge gardens containing plenty of benches and a children's playpark, food available, the Seacourt Stream, and comfy chairs and sofas round a log fire for the winter. In September 1997, all the regulars had deserted it, chiefly for the General Elliott in South Hinksey, but a year later they are now back in force. The new managers have continued to provide the same sort of restaurant-type food for about a fiver a main course, but no longer do Morrells Mild, though they do still do Varsity and Graduate, plus a guest. (1998-08-31)
Discreet Morrells-issue tat has been fitted to the ceiling, and the front porch has had one of the doors removed. The sofas round the fire, and the fire itself, have gone, but there is now a standard issue table in the shape of a bed. Next to the public house there's a bridge across the stream, then a causeway from the garden into New Botley and eventually the town centre. (Fieldwork: 2001-04)