Fir Tree

Five or six guest ales in good condition. Garden! Don't remember this. Less pub tat than in the New Morrells incarnation. Has been recently redone. Pub quizzes on Thursdays at 8 pm. Lots of mirrors in the back room leading on to the garden. Wasabi nuts and peas in jars. Also jelly beans.


Since I was last here (August 1999, shortly after the Morrells takeover), a room behind the corridor from the balcony to the toilets has been opened up and filled with small amounts of tat, and it looks as if the tat in the body of the pub has been toned down. A sign outside tells us that the pub is under new management, who are very friendly.

Weston's Scrumpy (4.8%) and Weston's Traditional Draught Cider (5.0%) on offer, with eight or so real ales.


Excellent pub this. Four cask ale taps, two cask cider or perry taps. Smallish, with a mezzanine level which has a piano on it for jazz on Sunday evenings, folk on Tuesdays, and other music (I forget) on Thursdays and Saturdays. Yellow walls, red ceiling, bare wooden floors. Cast iron fence round the edge of the mezzanine. The guest ale rotates monthly and is presently Marston's Pedigree, which I don't like as much as Caledonian's 80/-, which it was a while back. Same guest ale as the Royal Standard in Headington, the Grapes, the Isis, and the Fox at Sandford.

The decorations are mostly framed illustrations of bits of Oxford with the occasional advert from Westons Cider interspersed amongst them, and, oddest of all, a dry fishtank put together apparently by a primary school, full of illustrated bad fish puns. This is on the way to the facilities, which are green.

It also offers tea, coffee, and hot chocolate at all times. Pleasant on a clear evening with the sunset visible through the west-facing windows. The Traditional Hertfordshire Perry was very pleasant, thank you.