The Ferryboat
High Street, Whitchurch on Thames RG8 7DB. Tel. (0118) 984 2161

    * Ruddles Best 2.10
    * Orange juice 90p (17.ix.1999)

This is just over the tollbridge from Pangbourne, where the nearest 
railway station is. It looks as if it might lead a triple life as pub, 
restaurant and hotel, but there's only evidence of the first two. I think 
I was served by the chef. Lots of copper-beaten bar tables in the pub 
section and two very comfortable cornflower blue sofas on the far side of 
the bar from the front door.

Good for a pint after a picnic on the banks of the Thames. Found the 
Tanner's Jack a bit metallic --- don't know whether this is because of the 
sort of beer it is.

If you're not picnicking, then the food is excellent with good-sized 
helpings. We had the Dover sole and the sea bass. Main courses costing 
towards a tenner. (17.ix.1999)