The Fairview Inn (Courage)
16 Glebelands, Headington, Oxford OX3 7EN. Tel Oxford (01865) 763448. 

Sign: Magdalen Tower, Bridge and the Botanical Gardens as viewed from the 
Cherwell south of the bridge. Same pub sign as The Oxford Blue.

    * Courage Best (4.0%) 1.80
    * Courage Directors (4.8%) 1.90 (21.viii.1998)

Overlooking the Southfield Golf Course and eventually the town centre, 
this is built in a newish corner of the Wood Farm estate and has a 
sizeable car park.

The lounge bar is dominated by a projection television screen, which was 
showing Central South news at the time. Dark red, plush otherwise, with a 
clay model of a man flashing on the windowsill. There's a wee extension 
with a pinball table in it.

Beer in good condition, but suffering from being either Courage Best or 
Courage Directors. (26.viii.1998)